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No disk? No problem! No disk?  No problem!

Attention read me


It has come to our attention that some DVRs were shipped out without software discs.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  To download your software, please view this helpful article:  CLICK HERE



More information: Software Downloads
2014-02-13 08:03

Couldn't Find the Answer You Were Looking For? Couldn't Find the Answer You Were Looking For?

We want to know what's missing!

Submit your suggestion under "Suggest an article" at the top of your screen. *

We'll respond your your request as soon as possible.  If there isn't a similar article already available we will create it and add it to the knowledgebase!
* Note: General troubleshooting and tech support questions should still be directed to This is not a replacement, but rather a place where you may suggest an article you think we may be missing. Thank you.
2013-09-12 18:13

Zmodo Launches New Knowledge Base Zmodo Launches New Knowledge Base

As you may have noticed, things have changed immensely around here.  In an effort to simplify support for our customers, Zmodo has launched a new KB designed around usability, stability, and simplicity. 

Some things that have changed are:

1.  New Server / New Software.  These two changes should improve the overall stability of the site.  Hopefully this will be the end to "Welcome to Nginx" errors.

2.  New Instant Search.  This new instant search is found at the top middle of the page.  This works kind of like Google's instant search where it starts to give you results right when you finish typing. 

3.  Improved multi-language support.  At this time, we have English and Spanish articles available.  You can change which version of the site you see by just clicking the language in the bottom right and changing it from English to Spanish.  While other languages are listed in this drop-down, they are not currently active.  

4.  Improved categories and overall site navigation.  If you choose to navigate by categories, these categories now accurately refer to the SKU number on the bottom of your DVR or camera.  If you navigate this way, you will see all the articles available for the SKU number chosen.  This new site also scales well to work on many different screen sizes.  Whether you are looking at the site from a mobile phone or a 27" monitor, the site will look great. 

5.  Improved searching.  This may sound similar to #2, but it really is important that we can choose the order of the search results.  We can even "sticky" articles so they appear at the top of a search that involves them.  This should limit you from having to go through multiple pages of articles while you look for the one you need.  It allows us to give you the information you are actually looking for. 


All 5 of these major improvements should benefit you by making the site easier to use, more reliable, and more relevant.  Zmodo hopes you enjoy the new site as much as we do internally.  Feel free to leave your feedback below.

2013-08-22 07:38

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