Can I use Satellite Internet to see my DVR? --No.

The short answer is no. In addition Zmodo does not support or assist in the setup of a DVR to be viewed over satellite internet.


No matter what your source of internet is, you will always be able to view your DVR over a computer at the SAME LOCATION assuming both the computer and DVR are connected to the same router. However...


Viewing a DVR from a remote location is a little more difficult, and due to the setup process and the way the internet works, satellite internet does not allow you to view it from outside the local network because you do not have access to the proper equipment to port forward for the DVR correctly.  Many satellite providers will not allow you to port forward unless you pay for a business class connection and get a static IP.


In addition to the issue of port forwarding, the low upload speed and latency issues over satellite internet can cause issues with having a smooth video feed.  Even with the great strides that satellite internet providers have made, due to the fact that the signal must travel to space and back, it still causes extreme latency issues.

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