Manual for S24326GY-SD Card Camera


alark>iark>gn="center">The followark>iark>ng ark>iark>s the user manual for the S24326GY-SD Securark>iark>ty Camera, please refer to the attached fark>iark>le for an ark>iark>llustrated manual!

alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold;">

alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold;">

alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold;">User Guark>iark>de for the S24326GY-SD Securark>iark>ty Cameraan>

alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold;">_________________________________________________________________________________________an>


alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Button Functark>iark>onalark>iark>ty:an>

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Left:an> Scroll Left ark>iark>n Menu ark>Iark>nterface

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Rark>iark>ght:an> Scroll Rark>iark>ght ark>iark>n Menu ark>Iark>nterface

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Menu:an> Enter Menu / Select

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Esc:an> Back Out to Prevark>iark>ous Menu

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Up:an> Scroll Up ark>iark>n Menu ark>Iark>nterface

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Down:an> Scroll Down ark>iark>n Menu ark>Iark>nterface

alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Maark>iark>n Menu Optark>iark>ons (System, Securark>iark>ty, ark>Iark>mage)an>

an style="font-weight: bold;">1. an>an style="font-weight: bold;">Systeman>

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Date/Tark>iark>me:an> Sets the date and tark>iark>me that appear on the camera’s Heads-Up-Dark>iark>splay (HUD)

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Pelco:an> Thark>iark>s feature ark>iark>s not supported by thark>iark>s camera because there ark>iark>s no manual pan/tark>iark>lt optark>iark>on.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Format Dark>iark>sk:an> Reformats the SD card that ark>iark>s ark>iark>nserted ark>iark>nto the camera.

an style="text-decoration: underline;"><abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Firmware is a software program or set of instructions programmed and stored in the flash ROM of a hardware device. It provides the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with the other computer hardware.">Fark>iark>rmwareabbr> Update:an> When the manufacturer releases a new software versark>iark>on, thark>iark>s optark>iark>on wark>iark>ll allow you to upload that software versark>iark>on onto the camera. As of 10/2011, there have been no new software updates.

an style="font-weight: bold;">2. an>an style="font-weight: bold;">Securark>iark>tyan>

an style="text-decoration: underline;">ark>Iark>ntellark>iark>gence Mode (Off, MD, MT):an> The dark>iark>fference between Motark>iark>on Detect (MD) and Motark>iark>on Track (MT) ark>iark>s that Motark>iark>on Detect wark>iark>ll take a screen shot of the entark>iark>re screen every three to fark>iark>ve seconds whark>iark>le motark>iark>on ark>iark>s beark>iark>ng detected. ark>Howark>ever Motark>iark>on Track wark>iark>ll essentark>iark>ally follow the motark>iark>on, and zoom ark>iark>n on the sectark>iark>on of the screen where motark>iark>on ark>iark>s takark>iark>ng place whark>iark>le ark>iark>t takes the screenshots. Motark>iark>on Track takes more fluark>iark>d screen shots and ark>canark> follow a person walkark>iark>ng across a room, as long as there ark>iark>s no other motark>iark>on ark>iark>n the frame.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Photo Sark>iark>ze:an> Thark>iark>s feature ark>iark>s not adjustable ark>iark>n thark>iark>s camera model; all photos wark>iark>ll be saved ark>iark>n D1 format.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Photo Qualark>iark>ty:an> Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on allows you to change the photo qualark>iark>ty from Hark>iark>gh (H), Medark>iark>um (M), and Low (L). Lowerark>iark>ng the photo qualark>iark>ty wark>iark>ll allow you to save more ark>iark>mages to your SD Card.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Max Zoom Tark>iark>mes (2X, 4X, 10X):an> Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on allows you to change the maxark>iark>mum zoom varark>iark>able when Motark>iark>on Track (MT) ark>iark>s enabled.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Auto Snapshot:an> The Auto Snapshot feature ark>iark>s essentark>iark>ally what makes the camera able to operateark>iark>ndependentlyfrom a DVR unark>iark>t. Enablark>iark>ng Auto Snapshot wark>iark>ll cause the camera to take a snapshot whenever any motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected by the camera.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Red Frame:an> Enablark>iark>ng Red Frame causes the camera to dark>iark>splay red frames around the general area that motark>iark>on ark>iark>s takark>iark>ng place ark>iark>n.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">MT <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="The sensitivity indicates how much motion needs to occur before the camera indicates that motion is being observed. The lower the number the less sensitive the camera is to detecting motion.">Sensark>iark>tark>iark>vark>iark>tyabbr>:an> Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on allows you to change the motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on sensark>iark>tark>iark>vark>iark>ty from 0-6, wark>iark>th 0 beark>iark>ng lowest and 6 beark>iark>ng hark>iark>ghest.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Dark>iark>sk Overwrark>iark>te:an> Enablark>iark>ng Dark>iark>sk Overwrark>iark>te allows the camera wark>iark>ll begark>iark>n deletark>iark>ng the very oldest ark>iark>mages on the SD card when the SD card becomes full. Thark>iark>s way, the camera wark>iark>ll contark>iark>nue to save photographs even after the SD becomes full. ark>Iark>f Overwrark>iark>te ark>iark>s dark>iark>sabled, the camera wark>iark>ll stop savark>iark>ng photographs when the SD card becomes full.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Default Settark>iark>ng:an> Selectark>iark>ng the Default Settark>iark>ng optark>iark>on wark>iark>ll revert all Securark>iark>ty settark>iark>ngs back to the factory default.

an style="font-weight: bold;">3. an>an style="font-weight: bold;">ark>Iark>magean>

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Brark>iark>ghtness:an> Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on allows you to change the ark>iark>mage brark>iark>ghtness from 1-100.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Contrast:an> Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on allows you to change the ark>iark>mage contrast from 1-100.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Saturatark>iark>on:an> Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on allows you to change the ark>iark>mage saturatark>iark>on from 1-100.

an style="text-decoration: underline;">Default Settark>iark>ng:an> Selectark>iark>ng the Default Settark>iark>ng optark>iark>on wark>iark>ll revert all ark>iark>mage settark>iark>ngs back to the factory default.

alark>iark>gn="center">an style="font-weight: bold;">an style="text-decoration: underline;">FAQan>an>

an style="font-weight: bold;">Do ark>Iark> need to do anythark>iark>ng to make the camera record ark>iark>mages before ark>Iark> ark>iark>nstall the camera?an>

Yes, you need to format the ark>iark>ncluded CS card before you start savark>iark>ng ark>iark>mages to the SD card. You ark>canark> format the SD card ark>iark>n the "System” sub-menu wark>iark>thark>iark>n the Maark>iark>n Menu.

an style="font-weight: bold;">Does thark>iark>s camera requark>iark>re a DVR to record or playback vark>iark>deo?an>

The S24326GY ark>canark> use a DVR as an optark>iark>onal means of recordark>iark>ng and playark>iark>ng back vark>iark>deo that has already been saved. ark>Howark>ever, wark>iark>th 4GB of buark>iark>lt-ark>iark>n memory and a SD slot for expandabark>iark>lark>iark>ty up to 32GB, ark>iark>t ark>iark>s not requark>iark>red to have a DVR. ark>Iark>f ark>iark>nstallark>iark>ng an addark>iark>tark>iark>onal SD card, ark>iark>t must be formatted by the camera ark>iark>n order to record properly.

an style="font-weight: bold;">At the bottom of the camera screen there ark>iark>s a "Zoom + : EXark>Iark>T” and "Zoom – : ENTER” guark>iark>de, but none of the buttons on the camera are labeled as "Zoom +” or "Zoom –” What does thark>iark>s mean?an>

We thark>iark>nk that at one tark>iark>me, an older generatark>iark>on of thark>iark>s same camera had rear buttons labeled as "Zoom +” and "Zoom -.” Thark>iark>s would account for why these buttons are labeled thark>iark>s way ark>iark>n the menu ark>iark>nterface. They should be labeled as, "Esc: EXark>Iark>T" and "Menu: ENTER."



an style="font-weight: bold;">ark>Howark> does Auto Snapshot work?an>

Auto Snapshot ark>iark>s the feature that allows the camera to work ark>iark>ndependently from a DVR. The camera's settark>iark>ngs ark>canark> then be set to record Photo Stark>iark>lls rather than vark>iark>deo whark>iark>ch are saved to the SD card. Thark>iark>s feature allows the camera to work ark>iark>ndependently from a DVR. ark>Iark>t also offers extra securark>iark>ty ark>iark>f the fark>iark>les on the DVR are damaged or stolen.

an style="font-weight: bold;">What happens when the memory ark>iark>s full on the SD card?an>

When the memory on the buark>iark>lt-ark>iark>n storage or expanded SD storage, the camera wark>iark>ll stop recordark>iark>ng. ark>Iark>t ark>iark>s recommended that when thark>iark>s happens to save all the ark>iark>mages on a backup hard drark>iark>ve or computer and then wark>iark>pe the storage clean to begark>iark>n recordark>iark>ng agaark>iark>n. ark>Howark>ever, ark>iark>f the "Overwrark>iark>te" optark>iark>on ark>iark>s enabled, ark>iark>t wark>iark>ll automatark>iark>cally delete ark>iark>mages startark>iark>ng wark>iark>th the oldest ark>iark>mage on the SD card.

an style="font-weight: bold;">ark>Howark> do ark>Iark> transfer ark>iark>mages from the camera to my computer?an>

1.Fark>iark>rst, remove the SD card from your camera and ark>iark>nsert your SD card ark>iark>nto an SD card slot ark>iark>n your PC or laptop. b

2.After you ark>iark>nsert the SD card ark>iark>nto your computer, a Pop-Up wark>iark>ll appear labeled "AutoPlay” askark>iark>ng you what you would lark>iark>ke to do wark>iark>th the SD card. Chose the optark>iark>on to "Open Folder to Vark>iark>ew Fark>iark>les”

3.Once you have opened the SD card, open the folder labeled "CCTV.”


4.Thark>iark>s wark>iark>ll sark>howark> you a lark>iark>st of all ark>iark>mages that are saved to your camera’s SD card.


From thark>iark>s screen, you ark>canark> open, vark>iark>ew, and save any ark>iark>mages that are on the SD card. You may also copy and transfer all ark>iark>mages from the SD card to your computer.


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