Troubleshooting Smartlink

Smartlink is a technology similar (but not the same thing as) Bluetooth technology.  It works by using your Smartphone to broad your router's wireless password to any nearby Zmodo wireless IP cameras after you manually type your WiFi password into the mobile app.

If Smartlink connection was unsuccessful, you'll want to try the following steps:

Sometimes, Smartlink connection was successful, however the connection process took so long; the mobile app does not know that Smartlink connection was successful.  We call this issue the "Timeout Error."  To troubleshoot this, choose the option in your mobile app to add a device by "Search LAN."  This will search your router for any devices that are already conneted to your network.  If you experienced the Timeout Error, you will be able to add your camera by choosing the "Search LAN" option on your mobile app.


If the above recommendation didn't solve the issue, there are a number of settings within your router that can affect the cameras' ability to connect to your wireless network. 

Below are some settings that you will want to verify in order to ensure a smooth Smartlink setup 

- Your network SSID or network name can NOT be hidden.

- Disable WMM within the router settings.

- You cannot use a guest network.

- If your router is a dual band router, meaning it supports both 5.0Ghz and 2.4Ghz networks, be sure the SSID (network name) is different for each.

- You will need your mobile device to be connected to the 2.4Ghz during setup.

- The WiFi password MUST be WPA or WPA2. WEP is not secure and will not be recognized.

- The cameras are not compatible with the TKIP encryption type.

- Passwords and SSID names must be a minimum of 6 characters, WiFi networks with no password (open network) are not considered secure. Some Zmodo cameras will no longer accept this setup. 

- Must be connected to router or modem. Cannot guarantee success with extenders, boosters, hot spots, etc.

- Some mobile devices may require you to disable mobile data during the setup process.

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