Record on Motion Only - H9104V/8V Purchased 2012 or Later

In order to configure the DVR properly, it is best to set the Alarm and Recording settings to default. This is unavoidable sometimes.
To reload the defaults on the DVR, please follow the next few steps.
Step 1: Go to the Main Menu by Right-Clicking on the mouse and selecting 'Main Menu' at the bottom.
Step 2: Select 'Advanced' from the Main Menu
Step 3: Select 'Load Default' from the Main Menu
Step 4: Put a check mark in the boxes labeled 'Record' and 'Alarm'
Step 5: Click 'Apply' in the bottom of the menu and then click 'OK' when the 'Remark' window comes up.
Step 6: Click 'Exit' at the bottom right of the Menu.
Step 7: Select 'Reboot' from the Menu and then select 'OK' when the Warning says "Are you sure to restart machine?"
Step 8: Once the DVR reboots, go back to the Main Menu, but select 'Record' this time.
Step 9: Select 'Schedule' from the middle-top of the menu.
Step 10: Click on all of the green boxes to make the boxes empty and then click all the boxes in the bottom row and make them yellow.
Step 11: Click on both of the 'Copy' buttons on the screen and then hit 'Apply'
Step 12: Exit out of every menu. You should now see the letter 'M' in the cameras that are detecting motion.
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