How to Change Port Numbers on 9100 and 9000 Series DVR’s

This article applies to the following SKU's: DVR-H9004, DVR-H9104V, DVR-H9104UV, DVR-H9008, DVR-H9108V, DVR-H9108UV, DVR-H9006, DVR-H9106UVD-SV, DVR-H9106UVDH, DVR-H9216UVDH, DVR-H9116UVDH. ALL of these DVRs have the default media port of 9000.

1. Right-Click on the mouse and select "Main Menu" from the list.
2. In the Main Menu, select the option that says "Network"
3. In the Network section, change the port numbers to whatever you would like. It is recommended to change them to a port number higher than 1024.
4. After the port numbers have been changed, make sure you click "Apply" or "Save" at the bottom of the page.
5. When changes are made to the Network settings on these DVRs, it is necessary to reboot the device before the changes take effect.
6. Log into your router and change the port forwarding rules to use the new ports we just changed.
Note: When you change the web port, the way you access the web interface changes. You will need to use the format of http://IPofDVR:WebPort. Example:
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