ark>Howark> Do ark>Iark> Format The HDD On A DVR-H8114, H8118, or H8116?

You may need to format an <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Stands for "Hard Disk Drive." "HDD" is often used interchangeably with the terms "hard drive" and "hard disk." However, the term "hard disk drive" is technically the most accurate, since "hard drive" is short for "hard disk drive" and the "hard disk" is actually contained within the hard disk drive.">HDDabbr> ark>iark>n your DVR ark>iark>f the recordark>iark>ng ark>iark>s no longer workark>iark>ng properly or you have ark>iark>nstalled a new HDD.

Thark>iark>s guark>iark>de was wrark>iark>tten usark>iark>ng a DVR-H8114, but the steps wark>iark>ll be ark>iark>dentark>iark>cle on the H8118 and the H8116. 


Fark>iark>rst, rark>iark>ght-clark>iark>ck on the mouse and select "Maark>iark>n Menu" from the lark>iark>st.

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After ark>iark>nputtark>iark>ng your username and password, you wark>iark>ll be sark>howark>n the Maark>iark>n Menu.  From the Maark>iark>n Menu, select "Hard Drark>iark>sk" ark>iark>n the mark>iark>ddle of the screen.

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From the Hard Dark>iark>sk menu, select a Hard Dark>iark>sk from the dropdown.  Make sure that the Operatark>iark>on says "Format" and then clark>iark>ck "GO".  Thark>iark>s wark>iark>ll ERASE ALL Vark>Iark>DEO FOOTAGE ONLY.

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After the format ark>iark>s fark>iark>nark>iark>shed, back out of all the menus and the DVR should automatark>iark>cally begark>iark>n recordark>iark>ng based on ark>iark>t's recordark>iark>ng schedule.

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