How Do I Format The HDD On A DVR-H8114, H8118, or H8116?

You may need to format an HDD in your DVR if the recording is no longer working properly or you have installed a new HDD.

This guide was written using a DVR-H8114, but the steps will be identicle on the H8118 and the H8116. 


First, right-click on the mouse and select "Main Menu" from the list.


After inputting your username and password, you will be shown the Main Menu.  From the Main Menu, select "Hard Drisk" in the middle of the screen.


From the Hard Disk menu, select a Hard Disk from the dropdown.  Make sure that the Operation says "Format" and then click "GO".  This will ERASE ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE ONLY.


After the format is finished, back out of all the menus and the DVR should automatically begin recording based on it's recording schedule.

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