NVR FAQs and General Information
(specific to the ZMD-NV-SBN4 and ZMD-ISV-BFS23NM)

What mobile application can I use to view the NVR on my smartphone?

The free ZViewer app for Android and iPhone has been tested and approved for use with the NVR.

How do I change the web port on the NVR?

Connect to the NVR on Internet Explorer on your local network. Click on the gear icon to access the menu. Go to Remote Configuration > Network Param > Listening Port. From the Listening Port menu, you can change the web port on the NVR.

If I change the NVR web port to 8080 but my IP Cameras are still set to port 80, will the cameras still communicate with the NVR?

Yes, the NVR and the IP Cameras can have different web ports and still connect to each other.

Do the IR bulbs light up red at night like your other CCTV cameras?

Nope, the IP Cameras use a different type of night vision. The LED bulbs do not light up red at all. There is a faint blue backlight that can be seen at night when you look directly at the camera, but it is not nearly as visible as the red LED bulbs that our other CCTV cameras have.

How can I tell if my camera is powered on if I cannot use a PC to check with the IPC search tool?

If it is not possible to open the IPC Search Tool program to see if the camera is on your network, the only other way to tell if the camera is successfully powered on is to connect a LAN cable from the IP Camera to a powered-on router. If the LAN cable input on the IP camera lights up green, then your camera is powered on successfully.

What software do I need in order to use the NVR?

The NVR requires ActiveX in order to be viewed from the internet, and only Internet Explorer supports ActiveX. Since Windows is the only operating system that supports Internet Explorer, the NVR can only be viewed from Internet Explorer from a Windows operating system.

How can I change the web port of the IP camera?

We actually can change the port on the cameras using Internet Explorer. Once logged into the camera in IE, open the Network Param menu, and click "Listening Port"

From the Listening Port tab of the Network Param menu, you can change the camera's port. The camera does not need to have the same port as the NVR in order to communicate with the NVR.

Can I complete the entire setup process on my computer without connecting a mouse or monitor to my NVR?

Unfortunately, the menu which allows you to add or remove IP Cameras from the NVR is only currently located on the NVR interface. You’ll need to access this menu during the initial setup. Once all cameras are viewable from the NVR, you may disconnect the VGA monitor from the NVR and setup all remaining settings using the online interface and IPC Search Tool.

How do I check for firmware updates?

Please refer to the kb.zmodo.com article titled, "NVR Firmware" and compare your NVR software version to the latest software version of the NVR that is listed on that article. If your software version is older than the version listed on that article, then you may call Zmodo technical support and we can assist you with uploading new firmware.

How do I update firmware on the NVR?

When you update firmware, you'll actually need to update firmware on both the NVR and on all IP Cameras. The NVR uses an independent software from the IP Cameras. IP Cameras with an older firmware will typically connect to an NVR with newer firmware, but it is recommended to keep the NVR and IP Cameras on the same firmware version.

In order to update firmware on IP Cameras, you will need to connect each camera to Internet Explorer and use the menu interface in Internet Explorer to upload new firmware that you've saved to your PC.

In order to update firmware on you NVR, you will need to either connect the NVR to Internet Explorer and use the menu interface in Internet Explorer to upload new firmware that you've saved to your PC or you can save the firmware to an USB flash drive and use the menu interface on the NVR to update firmware from the USB flash drive to the NVR. The Internet Explorer method of updating firmware is the recommended method.


How far can the cameras reach on a WiFi signal from the location of the camera to the location of the NVR?
The wireless range of the IP Cameras is dependent on the strength of the wireless signal that is emitted from the router that is connected to the NVR and to the cameras.

Before purchasing the NVR kit, it is recommended to take a WiFi device (such as a cellphone or a wifi tablet), and hold that WiFi device in the approximate area where you plan on installing a camera. If the WiFi device receives a strong WiFi signal from your router, then the IP Camera will also receive a strong signal.
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