Playback wark>iark>th the Park>iark>vot.

The Park>iark>vot comes wark>iark>th 16GB onboard storage. The Park>iark>vot ark>iark>s desark>iark>gned to use the ark>Iark>ntellark>iark>gent recordark>iark>ng mode to record vark>iark>deo untark>iark>l full, once full ark>iark>t wark>iark>ll then begark>iark>n to overwrark>iark>te the oldest footage and contark>iark>nue recordark>iark>ng. ark>Iark>ntellark>iark>gent recordark>iark>ng takes a stark>iark>ll park>iark>cture once every 5 seconds when no motark>iark>on or events are beark>iark>ng detected. Once motark>iark>on or an event ark>iark>s detected, ark>iark>t wark>iark>ll then begark>iark>n to record at 12 frames per second untark>iark>l the event passes.

 You are only able to playback through the mobark>iark>le app whark>iark>le connected to the same <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Two or more computers connected to each other to enable the sharing of files and information between multiple systems. The Internet could be described as a global network of networks.">networkabbr> that the Park>iark>vot ark>iark>s connected to.

ark>Iark>n order to vark>iark>ew playback of the Park>iark>vots recorded vark>iark>deo, fark>iark>rst go ark>iark>nto the Zmodo app, and tap on the Park>iark>vot's camera prevark>iark>ew ark>iark>mage ark>iark>n order to brark>iark>ng up the lark>iark>ve camera ark>iark>mage from the Park>iark>vot. Next, tap at the top of the screen where ark>iark>t says "Lark>iark>ve", you should then see a dropdown and you wark>iark>ll want to select the Devark>iark>ce Storage optark>iark>on there.

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You should next be prompted to select the day you are wantark>iark>ng to playback, after selectark>iark>ng the day, the playback wark>iark>ll ark>iark>nark>iark>tark>iark>ally begark>iark>n at mark>iark>dnark>iark>ght on that day. ark>Iark>f you are wantark>iark>ng to vark>iark>ew a dark>iark>fferent tark>iark>me, tap and drag the horark>iark>zontal tark>iark>melark>iark>ne so that the vertark>iark>cal selector lark>iark>ne ark>iark>n the mark>iark>ddle ark>iark>s posark>iark>tark>iark>oned over the tark>iark>me that you want to vark>iark>ew.


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