Troubleshooting connection issues with the Pivot


If your pivot will not connect to your network using smartlink, first check to ensure that you are typing in the correct Wifi password for your network.

Wifi signal strength can also be a problem. To check your wifi network settings from an Android smartphone, you can download the free Android app “Wifi Signal Strength”

Open the Wifi Signal Strength app and hold your phone near the location you are installing your Pivot,. You want a signal of -67 dBm or better.

If you are using an iPhone, look at the WiFi indicator arcs in the top of your iPhone screen. You will need for all three arcs to be lit.

 If your Wifi signal is poor, you will need to increase it. You can do this by moving the wireless router closer to the location you are installing the Pivot. By moving the Pivot itself to a location that has better signal, or using a Wifi range extender.

If your signal strength is good, you need to check your wireless settings. On android, open the Wifi signal strength app again and check the number below your Wifi network name. If this number is at or below 14, your phone is correctly connected to a 2.4 Ghz network. If this number is above 14 your phone is connected to a 5Ghz network, and you need to connect your phone to the 2.4Ghz network provided by your router and try smartlink setup again.

If you are on an iphone, you should check your routers documentation to ensure you are connecting to the 5Ghz network.

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