How Do I Program My ACC-KB002 PTZ Controller?

How to program the ptz controller
To install the camera you will need to connect the camera to the controller to the + and - out ports on the controller. You will also need to know the Protocol, Baud Rate, and Address settings of the PTZ camera.
For the purpose of this guide, the settings will be as follows:
Protocol: Pelco-D
Baud Rate: 2400
Address: 001
Press the "FUN" button until you get
to "keyboard setup" then you will press he "ACK" button. It will ask you what camera you want it to be so you will press 001 and then press "ACK". You will then be asked for the Protocal.
To change the protocal you will need to press the "preview or the "preset" button wich will change the protocal. Once you have chosen pelco-D then you will press the "F1/ON" button which will then allow you to change the Baudrate.
To change the baudrate you will press the "preview" or "preset" button. Once you have chosen 2400 you will then press "F2/OFF" button which will then take you back so that you can add another camera. If you don't want to add any more cameras then you will press exit until you are out. Once you are out you will press 001 and then press the "CAM" button to select the camera. Once you have selected the camera you will be able to move the camera with the controller.
If you want to connect the ptz controller to a dvr you will connect the + and - "in" to the 485 port on the back of the dvr. Then you will program the dvr so the dvr will be able to control the camera so you will be able to move the camera at another location.
Set up presets

To set up presets you will need to do 3 sets of steps. First you will need to set the preset points.

Step 1 Settings Preset Points:
To set the points you will need to select the camera first then move the camera to the location you want the first point to be and then select 1 and then select Preset. That will set the first point.

You can then move the camera to the second point you want it to move to and press 2 and then Preset. Continue setting all the presets by moving the camera then choosing the number and then selecting Preset. Once you have finished setting all your points you are ready for the second step.

Step 2 Speed Dome Group Setup:
To set up the speed dome group setup you will need to select the FUN button once, which will bring up the speed dome group.
Then you will select ACK. You will enter the camera number, for example for camera 1 you will enter 001 then you will enter the F1/ON button then you will need to chose the group number, so if you want it to be in group 1 then you will click 1 and then press the ACK button.
Then you will enter the set points you want the camera to move to by choosing the point number such as 1 and then hit ACK. You will need to now choose the number of seconds you want the camera to stay at that point and then press ACK.
Then you will enter the next preset you want to enter such as 2, then press ACK. Then choose the number of seconds you want it to stay at that point. Continue doing this until all the presets you set in step one are set.
Then hit the exit button 3 times and then you are ready for step 3.

Step 3: Run Group:
To run the Run Group you will need to press the FUN button until the menu shows Run Group. Then press the ACK button. You will then choose which group you want to run and then press the F2/OFF button. The presets will then start to run. Then you will press the exit button twice to exit out of this menu.
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