How to Get the Best Resolution and Framerate using the ZMD-DT-SCN8

New versions of the ZMD-DT-SCN8 now require that the user choose either 960H, D1, or HD1 as the channel type.  The maxumim resolution and framerate will be different depending on which Channel Type is selected.


If 960H is selected, the maximum resolution will be 960TVL and the maxumim framerate will be 14FPS.  960H is the default Channel Type, however it is not recommended for cameras with less than 704TVL because the maximum framerate is lowered with no benefit to the resolution.

If D1 is selected, the maximum resolution will be 704TVL and the maxumim framerate will be 30FPS.  The most advanced Zmodo analog cameras currently have 700TVL, so the D1 Channel Type is recommended if you are using Zmodo cameras.


To correctly set the recording type, first go to Main Menu > Switch > Channel Type.  Next, select either 960H or D1 and click OK.

Next, set the corresponding recording type for each camera. Go to Main Menu > Record. Set the resolution to the same setting (Either 960H or D1) that you selected in the Channel Type menu.  Click "Application" to save, and the process ir complete.


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2014-03-25 15:25
Amanda Mayer
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