How to Weatherproof Cable Connections

When installing cameras outdoors, it is always necessary to weatherproof the ends of the cables where the camera connects to the cable.

It is a good idea to weatherproof the entire length of cable that is outdoors to fully extend the lifetime of the cable, but the cable ends are especially not weatherproof.


To weatherproof the cable ends, you can either tape the cable ends or install the cable ends into a conduit box.  By far the safest option is to install the cable ends into a conduit box to protect the cable ends from the rain and wind.

A simple search for "conduit box" on will lead to many different options at different price ranges.  This item is also readily available at hardware stores such as Lowes or Menards.

If you do decide to tape the cable ends isntead of installing them in a conduit box, it is highly recommended to wrap plastic around the cable end first and then tape the plastic to the cable.  This makes it easy to remove the tape and plastic in the event that you need to unplug the cable in the future.



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