ark>Howark> to setup an alarm on a dvr

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Before we ark>canark> setup the alarm settark>iark>ngs we need to know some ark>iark>nformatark>iark>on.

    ark>iark>>Are we workark>iark>ng wark>iark>th a sensor ark>iark>nput or an alarm output/alarm speaker?ark>iark>>


    ark>iark>>ark>Iark>s the alarm type normally open or normally closed type of alarm?ark>iark>>


ark>Iark>f you don’t know thark>iark>s ark>iark>nformatark>iark>on you ark>canark> usually fark>iark>nd ark>iark>t on the box ark>iark>t came ark>iark>n, the manual or paperwork, or on the manufactures websark>iark>te.


an style="font-size: large;">Alarm ark>iark>nput or sensor ark>iark>nputan>

You would need to decark>iark>de what camera you want that alarms sensor to control. For example ark>iark>f you want ark>iark>t to start recordark>iark>ng on channel three when the door sensor ark>getark>s set off when the door opens then you would look on the back of the dvr and connect one of the 2 wark>iark>res comark>iark>ng from the sensor alarm to the alarm port that says 3 and the other alarm wark>iark>re eark>iark>ther to the other port labeled 3 or to the ground or one labeled g. Then you wark>iark>ll want to go to the alarm settark>iark>ngs ark>iark>n the dvr and set the alarm to alarm ark>iark>nput for channel 3 and thark>iark>s ark>iark>s when you would enter what type of alarm ark>iark>t ark>iark>s eark>iark>ther normally open or normally closed and then save the settark>iark>ngs. These are normally abbrevark>iark>ated NC or NO. On most dvrs you wark>iark>ll have to also tell the dvr to record on alarm for channel 3.


an style="font-size: large;">Output alarm or alarm speakeran>

For alarm output there ark>iark>s usually only one alarm out on a dvr, an style="color: #ff0000;">some dvrs do not have an alarm outan>. ark>Iark>f there ark>iark>s an alarm out on your dvr ark>iark>t ark>iark>s usually labeled alarm out. You would connect one of the alarm cables to the one port and the other to the other port just under or above where ark>iark>t says alarm out. You wark>iark>ll then want to go to the alarm settark>iark>ngs and choose alarm out and label ark>iark>t eark>iark>ther normally open or normally closed dependark>iark>ng on your alarm type. Once agaark>iark>n ark>iark>t ark>iark>s usually abbrevark>iark>ated NO or NC. You wark>iark>ll probably also need to enable alarm out or enable ark>iark>t to beep on alarm.

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