What type of alarm can you use on zmodo dvrs?



What type of alarms can be used on Zmodo dvrs?

There are two types of alarms that would work on our dvrs.One is just a signal line sensor for input and the other type is an output which is like a powered speaker with two signal wires that when set off will beep or make a sound.

I find that the easiest way to find what type of alarm a client would want to purchase is to do a google search.The first thing you would need to know is do they want an alarm input or output.Then search for the device.Terms I would use when searching for alarms would be:

Input alarm: (dvr alarm input)

Output alarm: (dvr alarm output)

For input alarms all you need to verify is that the alarm sends the signal on two wires that is on a normally open or normally closed signal type.For the output alarms you need to make sure that it is self powered and has two signal wires either normally open or normally closed.Also for either input or output you will want to double check to see what your dvr accepts.Not all dvr accept normally open or normally closed signal, but you will be able to check that in the alarms settings under alarm input and alarm out.

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