My DVR just reboots over and over again.

If your DVR is just rebooting over and over again, it may be experiencing the HDD overwrite error. This sometimes occurs the first time your HDD fills up with recorded footage, and the DVR is uncertain how to initially store the overwriting files.

To fix this, please complete the following;
-Disconnect all cameras by unplugging all BNC cables from the channel inputs on the back of the DVR.
-Reboot the DVR.
-When the DVR turns back on, you should now be able to get to the HDD Management Menu. (When the HDD fills up and the DVR is attempting to continue to record, this is when the DVR starts freezing, rebooting, etc. Removing the cameras makes the DVR stop recording, so disconnecting the cameras and rebooting the DVR should enable the end user to access all menus.)
-Reformat the HDD using the DVR's HDD Management Menu. This will erase all video files on the HDD.
-Re-connect the BNC video cables to the channel inputs on the back of the DVR.
Theoretically, this should fix everything until the HDD fills up again. The DVR should not act negatively every time the HDD fills up, so hopefully you should not need to do this every time their HDD fills up.
If your DVR continues to freeze or reboot after completing these steps, please contact Zmodo Technical Support
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