How do I return a product?

1. If your equipment appears to be defective or malfunctioning, you will need to contact our technical support team.  Many issues can be resolved without sending the items to us for repair. If the items must be returned, the technican will give you a case number to use to create an RMA online.
Technical support is available at 866-551-6881 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central time. You can also e-mail us at 
2. Make sure that you are within the manufacturer's one-year warranty for repair or replacement.
3. Complete a Return Request form at this link: Return Request Form
      • Please, include a valid case number.
      • Upload a copy of your invoice. 
      • Please, provide a detailed description of what issues you are having with the equipment, so that our RMA technicians know what to look for.
      • Select the "RMA Type." Most RMAs will be one of the following:
        • Repairing: You send us the defective items for repair or replacement
        • Return and Refund: Only available within 30 days of purchase, and is supject to various store refund policies.
    • Record your RMA number! This is how we can easily identify and track your return.
4. Send us your return.
      • After an RMA number is issued, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to send the items to us.
      • Make sure to include your RMA number on the shipping label.
4. Our RMA department will test and repair or replace items that are covered under warranty at no cost to you.


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