ark>Howark> to Setup Zmodo ark>Iark>P Cameras to Record on Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on wark>iark>thout an NVR.

The current versark>iark>on of ZVark>iark>ewer for PC Computers does not yet support motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on recordark>iark>ng, so we recommend usark>iark>ng the free 3rd party software Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on ark>iark>f you would lark>iark>ke to set your Zmodo <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Stands for "Internet Protocol." It provides a standard set of rules for sending and receiving data through the Internet.">ark>Iark>Pabbr> Camera to record when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected.

Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on ark>canark> be downloaded safely from the manufacturer's websark>iark>te here: <a href="" target="_blank">http://www.genark>iark>usvark>iark>sark>iark>>iark>ty.htmla>

The complete PDF manual for Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on ark>canark> be downloaded safely from the manufacturer's websark>iark>te here: <a href="" target="_blank">http://genark>iark>usvark>iark>sark>iark>>


Once Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on has been successfully downloaded and opened, please complete these steps to add an <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title=" A camera that does not require a video connection to a DVR. The camera receives its signal using wireless tehcnology. IP cameras do require a power supply in order to function.">ark>Iark>P Cameraabbr> to Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on:


1) From the Maark>iark>n Menu, san>elect New Objects > New Channel> Camera>

<ark>iark>mg style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="540" heark>iark>ght="309" />


2) From the Camera Setup tab, select RTSP vark>iark>deo source as the Drark>iark>ver.

3) Check the box labeled "Use TCP streamark>iark>ng."

4) ark>Iark>n the URL fark>iark>eld, enter the camera's RTSP url usark>iark>ng thark>iark>s template:


an style="color: #000000;">               The RTSP address of the maark>iark>n stream (<abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="The number 720 stands for the 720 horizontal scan lines of image display resolution (also known as 720 pixels of vertical resolution), while the letter p stands for progressive scan (i.e. non-interlaced).">720pabbr>) ark>iark>s:an>

ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>

an style="color: #000000;">               rtsp://>

ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>

an style="color: #000000;">               The RTSP address of the sub stream (<abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Stands for "Video Graphics Array." It is the standard monitor or display interface used in most PCs. A standard VGA connection has 15 pins and is shaped like a trapezoid.">VGAabbr>) ark>iark>s:an>

ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>

an style="color: #000000;">               rtsp://>

ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>

an style="color: #000000;">               ("" ark>iark>s the devark>iark>ce's ark>Iark>P address as reported by the ark>Iark>PC Search tool.)an>

an style="color: #000000;">5) Enter the correct logark>iark>n and password for the camera ark>iark>nto the logark>iark>n fark>iark>>


an style="color: #000000;">The end result wark>iark>ll resemble thark>iark>s ark>iark>mage:an>


<ark>iark>mg style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="700" heark>iark>ght="486" />


6) Clark>iark>ck "Apply" to save thark>iark>s camera to Genuark>iark>s Vark>iark>sark>iark>on. You should now see the vark>iark>deo stream of your camera ark>iark>n the channel grark>iark>d.

<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="703" heark>iark>ght="260" />


You ark>canark> now repeat these steps ark>iark>f you would lark>iark>ke to add any addark>iark>tark>iark>onal cameras to Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on.


Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on ark>canark> easark>iark>ly be setup to record when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s actark>iark>vated by any of the cameras that are confark>iark>gured on Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on. Follow these dark>iark>rectark>iark>ons to set up motark>iark>on recordark>iark>ng.

 1) Clark>iark>ck the "Confark>iark>g System" button.


<ark>iark>mg style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="config system" wark>iark>dth="524" heark>iark>ght="339" />


2) ark>Iark>n the System Confark>iark>guratark>iark>on wark>iark>ndow, select the “Recordark>iark>ng Storage Setup” optark>iark>on.

ark>Iark>n that menu, clark>iark>ck the enabled box untark>iark>l ark>iark>t has a check mark.

Clark>iark>ck the box next to MaxSark>iark>ze_GB and Specark>iark>fy the amount of space to make avaark>iark>lable for recordark>iark>ng.

The default Dark>iark>rectory ark>iark>s C:\gvrec\ you ark>canark> change thark>iark>s ark>iark>n the dark>iark>rectory wark>iark>ndow ark>iark>f you prefer the fark>iark>le to go to a dark>iark>fferent locatark>iark>on.

Clark>iark>ck Apply to save these settark>iark>ngs.

<ark>iark>mg style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="439" heark>iark>ght="323" />


3) Rark>iark>ght-clark>iark>ck on your camera ark>iark>mage, and select Vark>iark>deo Setup from the menu that appears.

 ark>Iark>n the Camera Setup wark>iark>ndow, check the box next to PreRecord and Actark>iark>vark>iark>tyark>Iark>nterval, then scroll down and check the box next to Vark>iark>deoDetect.

ark>Iark>f you would lark>iark>ke for the clark>iark>ent software to flash red when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected, you ark>canark> also check the box next to Actark>iark>vark>iark>tyAlarm. 


<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="751" heark>iark>ght="262" />

4) After enableark>iark>ng the motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on-based recordark>iark>ng, create the regark>iark>on for motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on. To do thark>iark>s, go to the Vark>iark>deo Analytark>iark>cs Setup portark>iark>on of the Camera Setup wark>iark>ndow. ark>Iark>n that sectark>iark>on clark>iark>ck S-Motark>iark>on, thark>iark>s adds an S-Motark>iark>on bubble and ark>iark>ndark>iark>cator dot to the prevark>iark>ew wark>iark>ndow. 


<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="751" heark>iark>ght="263" />

5) Clark>iark>ck and drag the ark>iark>ndark>iark>cator dot to the desark>iark>red area ark>iark>n the prevark>iark>ew ark>iark>mage. Thark>iark>s opens a “Create defark>iark>nark>iark>tark>iark>on of…” dropdown menu.

    ark>iark>>Selectark>iark>ng "Regark>iark>on of ark>iark>nterest" creates an area whark>iark>ch ark>iark>s exclusark>iark>vely rectangular ark>iark>n shape, and ark>canark> be move or resark>iark>zed as needed.ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Selectark>iark>ng "Regark>iark>on of ark>iark>nterest(polygon)" creates a rectangular shape whark>iark>ch ark>canark> be modark>iark>fark>iark>ed to any polygonal shape by addark>iark>ng/removark>iark>ng vertark>iark>ces.ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Selectark>iark>ng "Object sark>iark>ze" attempts to have the software determark>iark>ne the regark>iark>on based on the area the ark>iark>ndark>iark>cator dot was dragged to. Thark>iark>s optark>iark>on ark>iark>s not recommended.ark>iark>>



<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="672" heark>iark>ght="427" />


6) The Created area ark>iark>s where motark>iark>on wark>iark>ll be detected. Once set, clark>iark>ck "Apply," and then "OK" to close the Camera Setup wark>iark>ndow.

7) Whark>iark>le motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on ark>iark>s confark>iark>gured correctly, the camera ark>iark>con under All channels should have an orange cark>iark>rcle ark>iark>con on ark>iark>t.

When motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected, and the channel ark>iark>s recordark>iark>ng, the mark>iark>ddle dot ark>iark>n the top of the camera screen wark>iark>ll turn from black to red, and the camera ark>iark>con under All channels wark>iark>ll also turn red, as sark>howark>n below.

<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="568" heark>iark>ght="369" />


8) Vark>iark>ew recorded fark>iark>les sectark>iark>ons ark>iark>n the drark>iark>ve prevark>iark>ously specark>iark>fark>iark>ed (C:\gvrec\ by default). Once ark>iark>n the folder, double clark>iark>ck on the surveark>iark>llance footage fark>iark>le desark>iark>red from the lark>iark>st.

Each fark>iark>le wark>iark>ll record about 1GB of footage before a new fark>iark>le ark>iark>s created. Dependark>iark>ng on the frequency of recordark>iark>ng, fark>iark>les ark>canark> span a longer or shorter perark>iark>od of tark>iark>me. Once you double clark>iark>ck, the footage automatark>iark>cally opens ark>iark>n the Genark>iark>us Vark>iark>sark>iark>on playback software and ark>canark> be played back from there.


<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="754" heark>iark>ght="290" />




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