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This article describes the use of a 3rd party app that is no longer recommended or supported by Zmodo.
IP Cam Viewer Basic and IP Cam Viewer Lite - A Free 3rd Party App 
  There are a few different versions of IP Cam Viewer that will show up when you do a search in Google Play or iTunes Store. There are two free versions that we recommend: "IP Cam Viewer Basic" and "IP Cam Viewer Lite". Both apps work equally well and there are no known differences between the two apps.
  There is also a paid version of IP Cam Viewer called "IP Cam Viewer Pro". The only difference between the paid and the free apps is that the free apps will not allow you to add more than 6 cameras to the app. Other than this camera limitation the paid and the free apps are identical.
  Once you have installed the app, here is what you need to do to be able to see your cameras with the app, If you are using any Zmodo or Funlux IP cameras, you will enter the following settings:
1.  "Name" - you can enter whatever you like. This will appear on the device list when you want to open that device.
2. "Make" - select Zmodo.
3. "Model" - Select the option that matches the SKU on the white sticker on your device. If you are setting up a DVR/NVR, use the SKU from the bottom of the system. If you are setting up a single camera, use the SKU from the camera. ***If your specific SKU is not listed, you will need to select ZMD-DX-SAN8 for an analog DVR system, ZMD-ISV-BFS23NM for an IP camera, and ZP-NE14-S for a sPOE system*** After selecting the model, tap "back".
4. "IP/Host" - enter your IP address or hostname here
5. "Video port" - This should be either 8000 or 9000 and should prefill automatically based on the model number.
6. "User" - enter the user name for your device. *Note this is case sensitive and should match your device.
7. "Pass" - enter your device's password here. Most devices use a default of 111111.
8. "Ch. #" - select a channel number for your device. For an IP camera, you will enter channel 1, for a DVR/NVR you will enter 1, then 2 for the next device as each camera is programmed seperately.
Once you have all the information entered, you can test the connection. *Be sure if you are using your WAN IP address that your WiFi is turned off and if you are using a LAN IP address that your Wifi is turned on.
Please note that these instructions assume you have already completed port forwarding or have otherwise already enabled your camera(s) to be viewed remotely. These instructions only explain how to navigate the IP Cam Viewer app. For a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to do port forwarding, visit our interactive networking guide here: 


For additional resources with port forwarding, please contact your router manufacturer or internet service provider. 

Routers, IP address & support contact #

Apple          800-692-7753

Asus     877-339-2787

Belkin     800-223-5546

Buffalo   866-752-6210

D-Link    888-909-4786

Linksys    800-326-7114

Motorola   866-289-6686

Netgear    888-638-4327

Trendnet    866-845-3673

TP-Link    866-225-8139


Internet Service Providers (ISP) & support contact #

Comcast             800-934-6489

AT&T               800-288-2020

Verizon              800-837-4966

WOW                866-496-9669

MediaCom          844-274-6753

Time Warner       888-715-3291

Optimum          CN:203-870-2583 NJ:973-230-6046 LI:631-393-0636

CenturyLink        866-642-0444

Charter                888-438-2427

Cox                     877-832-7658

Frontier                877-600-1511

Wind Stream         866-445-5880

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