External IP’s and DDNS

Remote/External IP address and DDNS

An external IP address is the unique identifier assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), sometimes called the public IP address. There are two types of external IP address, static and dynamic. Static is fixed and therefore never changes. Dynamic can change by the ISP periodically or when there is a power outage, and internet connection has been reestablished.

When a Zmodo technician sets up a DVR system for remote access, they can assign the DVR any local IP address that would work with your router. Port forwarding is done with the intention to allow remote access to the DVR using the external IP address and specified web, media, or mobile ports.

Zmodo does not assign or change external address and you would need to be at the location of the DVR in order to find what the external address is. Zmodo cannot do anything to reestablish a remote connection unless you are that the same location of the DVR.

If you happen to have a dynamic ip from your ISP, you can request a static IP from your ISP, or setup a DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System). A DDNS service allows you to create a website or host name to connect to your DVR. For example, www.mydvr.zmododns.com is what I would tie my external address to, and in the event that IP changed, there is a program that automatically updates it.

We offer a free DDNS service through www.zmododns.com. You can reference our knowledge base article if you need help setting a DDNS up.

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