Zmodo DNS Application Fails to Run on Windows XP

When running the ZmodoDNS application on your Windows XP Machine, you might run into some issues if your .Net Framweork platform isn't installed or up to date with the required version.


The .Net Framework is a popular development platform for building applications, programming languages and runtimes on Windows operating machines. The lacking or outdating of this platform is more commonly seen in Windows XP Machines, as the newer versions of Windows already include the right .Net framework required for the ZmodoDNS to run properly.


If you ever come across an error message saying "The application failed to initialize properly Error OCX0000135" when running ZmodoDNS, please refer to the following link to download the version 1.1 of .Net Framework, as your machine does not currently have it installed at all:


This process might take several minutes on some machines.


After you have installed this initial version of .Net Framework, you will get another error when trying to run the ZmodoDNS application. Your next step will be to update your .Net Framework to the required version now that you have installed it.


The version required by the ZmodoDNS application is V2.0.50727. The link to download this update is:


This process might take several minutes on some machines.


After you have successfully installed and updated the .Net Framework on your Windows XP machine, you are now ready to run the ZmodoDNS application!

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