Netviewer Shows Black Screens for All Channels

Netviewer Shows Black Screens for All Channels

If your Netviewer program is showing black screens for all of your channels, it may be an issue with the graphics card drivers on your computer. To find out if your graphics card is the culprit, please follow these simple steps.

1. Hit the Windows Key + R(at the same time) to launch the "Run" box on your PC and type "dxdiag" (without the quotes) then hit "OK"

2. When the DirectX Diagnostic Tool loads, you will a screen like you see below. Please click the "Display" or "Display 1" tab.

3. In the Display tab, you need to look at the DirectX Features at the bottom of the page. All three of them need to be set to "Enabled" as shown below. If any of them are set to Unavailable or Disabled, you will want to figure out which graphics card you have in your computer and then get an updated driver from the manufacturer.

4. If you update the driver and they still are unavailable, your computer is not capable of displaying the images from the DVR.

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