What to Do When Your Order is Missing Items

We appreciate when you choose Zmodo as your security equipment provider, and we strive to make sure that every item is packaged correctly and with care.  In the event that your order arrives and it is either missing items or includes the wrong items, please take the following steps so that we can remedy the problem:


First, please make sure to check all packaging for the items that appear to be missing or incorrect.  Some of the packaging that is used by Zmodo may hide the cameras or accessories.  Please see the image below as an example:

The packaging used for the Simplified POE kit hides the cameras if the box is opened upside down, so please check all packaging for the missing or incorrect items.


If you confirm that your order is definitely incorrect or missing items, please email the following information to support@zmodo.com:

     A copy of your invoice.

     Pictures of the all packaging including the dimensions of the box that all items were received in.

     Pictures of all product serial numbers on the equipment packaging.

     If your DVR was supposed to include a Hard Drive and there was no Hard Drive included, please send an image of the bottom of the DVR.


You also have the option to contact Zmodo Customer Support Live Chat, however in most cases the Customer Support agent is required to gather your invoice and pictures of packaging & serial numbers in order to process a missing or wrong items claim.


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