CM-Z2213GY Quick Setup Guide

Parts Needed:

1 – 5 Amp Power Supply provided with camera 



2 – 18 Gauge Siamese Wire for camera control

Blue = Positive

Red = Negative

3 – BNC Video cable for camera





Installing Camera:



1- Connect the power supply directly to the camera

2- Run the video BNC cable from the DVR to the PTZ camera

3- Run the 18 Gauge Siamese cable from the DVR/Joystick RS485 Port {A for (+) positive and B for (-) negative} to the PTZ camera {blue wire (+) positive and red wire (-) negative on camera}


Addressing Camera:

In order to address the camera you must use the dip switches provided on the unit

The address range is 128-255

In order to begin addressing the camera you must start with dip switch number 8 activated



Dip Switch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Address Value 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 128



In order to confirm the addressing has been set, you must call preset 140 from the DVR/Joystick after camera has been powered off and on

*If you are only using one of the Z2213GY cameras on your current system assigning an address is not necessary for this camera. This camera will auto assign an address by turning all dip switches to the off position.

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