DVR Keeps Re-initializaing Every 3-5 Minutes

Zmodo DVR’s have an auto overwrite feature that is designed to record over the earliest recordings once the hard drive is near full capacity. The overwrite feature, when turned on, allows the DVR to continue to record; however, when the overwriting sets in, the hard drive creates multiple partitions to manage the recording files. In the event that the hard drive creates more partitions than it can handle, the DVR will reboot every 3-5 minutes. 

We at Zmodo, recommend that you format the hard drive every 6 months to avoid running into a reboot loop on the DVR. Reformatting the hard drive will delete all the partitions and allow for the DVR to record again. Clear the partitions and reformat the hard drive successfully by following these instructions:

  1. Power OFF the DVR
  2. Make sure that the the cameras are disconnected.
    a. Unplug the yellow wires going to the back of the DVR or unplug all the cameras from the power adapter or their power source.
  3. Power ON the DVR
  4. Once the DVR is fully powered on, access the Main Menu.
  5. In the Main Menu select Device
  6. In the Device Menu select HDD
  7. Format the HDD

1. Backup any video files that you need before formatting the hard drive

2. Check the box under Select

3. Select Format HDD

4. The DVR will give you a message that says, "Format will remove all data from the hard drive.”

5. Select OK
8. Plug in or power the cameras on
9. Recording is indicated by the flashing HDD light or red R or M on the cameras.
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