How to Repair The Cable on a Simplified POE Camera

**Warning** Cutting the end off of a camera or cable will VOID the warranty on that item. **Warning**


 **if your cable end is defective this is covered under warranty, create your warranty online at or contact our support department**

The cable pinout on the Simplified POE camera is different from the stanrard LAN cable because only four out of the eight cables within the LAN cable are actually used.




If the cable on the camera is damaged and needs to be replaced, please use the diagrams above to model how to reinstall the cables into the pin positions.

Pins 1 and 6 are power, pin 1 is negative and pin 6 is positive. Pins 2 and 3 transmit data to and from the camera.


**Please do not use this diagram to create a pinout for a separate power source for the Simplified POE cameras.  The cameras use a proprietary data communication protocol, therefore the only way to power on the camera is to directly connect it to one of the back ports on the the Simplified POE NVR.


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