Vari-Focal Camera Specifications

Vari-Focal Cameras have the functionality of having a manually adjustable zoom and focus.


Vari-Focal cameras are recommended for installers who need to pinpoint an exact area that needs surveillance-- such as a cash register or an entrance to a parking garage.


Vari-Focal cameras can only be adjusted manually, there is no option to adjust the focus and zoom of the vari-focal camera remotely or from the DVR.


Out of the box, vari-focal cameras are typically un-focused and need to be focused during installation.

How do I adjust the zoom and focus?


•Some dome vari-focal cameras have a labeled "Zoom” and "Focus” screw pin on the outside of the camera. Locate these pins to adjust focus and zoom.
•Some dome vari-focal cameras need to be opened in order to adjust focus and zoom. The following is an image of a typical dome vari-focal camera.
•Bullet vari-focal cameras have two pins in the back of the camera that are usually covered by a threaded seal. The following image is the current CM-S23349SV vari-focal camera.
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