Troubleshooting Camera Connection to the Simplified POE NVR

In the event that the Simplified POE Cameras (SKU ZP-IBT15-S or ZP-IBH15-S) are not showing any video when connected to the Simplified POE NVR (SKU ZP-NE14-S) please complete the following steps:



1. Make sure that your router is securely connected to the NET port on the NVR (ZP-NE14-S) using an ethernet cable.  The NVR will be unable to locate the any cameras that are connected to it unless the NVR is also connected to a router.


2. Make sure all cameras are securely connected to the PORTS input on the back of the NVR using either ethernet cables or the simplified ethernet cables that came included with the Simplified POE kit.


3. If the cameras are still not appearing on the screen, press and hold the reset button on the back of the NVR for 30 seconds while the NVR is turned on.  This will set the camera input to default settings, and the NVR will automatically search for SPOE cameras that are connected to the back of the NVR.

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