How do I play back video on the SBN 4/8/6 or SAN 4/8?

These instructions will show you how to play back previously recorded video on the SBN and SAN series DVR's.


Note: Navigating through the DVR is most easily accomplished with the mouse that came with it.

After the DVR has booted up right click the mouse in order to log in. The default password is either 111111 or 888888.


After logging in right click the mouse 2 times to bring up the toolbar along the bottom. From this toolbar we will select the "Record Search" option. It will appear as an
arrow pointing to the right(the play symbol).


We are now in the playback screen. It is important to note here that, although the current days recordings are automatically populated in the grid, any time you adjust the
date at the top you must click the search button at the bottom in order to populate that new day. If you do not you will just receive a failed search message.
(NOTE: Another important point is that the date you see at the top of the page when first going in is the date the DVR is set to. If you want to see yesterdays footage you
must do so based on the date and time the DVR recorded that footage as, not necessarily as the current days date.)


After the desired day has been set and you have clicked search the grid in the middle will have the video for that 24 hour period loaded in to it. From left to right the grid goes from midnight(start of day) to midnight(end of day). The horizontal bars are broken down by channel. In order to see video footage you will select a start and a stop point on the grid as shown below. Be sure to put a checkmark in the box of the channels on the left you wish to watch. Only after doing all of this, press the "Play"


After pressing play you will be taken in to your video for the selected channels. Your video controls will be along the bottom. Controls include Rewind, Pause, and Fast forward. Pressing the stop button will take you back to the video search screen.

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