Advanced Motark>iark>on Recordark>iark>ng Settark>iark>ngs for SBN4/8/6 and SAN4/8.

an style="font-size: large;">Advanced Motark>iark>on Recordark>iark>ng Settark>iark>ngsan>

an style="font-size: large;">an style="font-size: small;">ark>Iark>f the motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on on your DVR seems to be too sensark>iark>tark>iark>ve or recordark>iark>ng ark>iark>ncorrectly, thark>iark>s artark>iark>cle wark>iark>ll explaark>iark>n the more advanced motark>iark>on optark>iark>>


an style="font-size: large;">an style="font-size: small;">Clark>iark>ck on the asterark>iark>sk next to the "Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on" settark>iark>ng under "Vark>iark>deo" and you wark>iark>ll be presented wark>iark>th thark>iark>s box:an>an>

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an style="text-decoration: underline;">an style="font-size: large;">an style="font-size: small;">Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on Area Settark>iark>ngan>an>an>

Clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on "Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on Area Settark>iark>ng" wark>iark>ll gark>iark>ve you a grark>iark>d that allows you to select areas of detectark>iark>on.  The blue boxes are the areas that your camera wark>iark>ll detect motark>iark>on.  Thark>iark>s ark>iark>s helpful ark>iark>f one part of your camera vark>iark>ews a busy street.  You ark>canark> tell the camera to ark>iark>gnore any motark>iark>on ark>iark>n that part of the screen.

Rark>iark>ght-clark>iark>ck to go back one page.

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an style="font-size: small;">an style="text-decoration: underline;">Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on Plan Settark>iark>ngan>
Clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on "Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on Plan Settark>iark>ng" wark>iark>ll gark>iark>ve you a schedule that you ark>canark> choose to have motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on actark>iark>ve.  

an style="font-size: small;">Red boxes mean the DVR wark>iark>ll detect motark>iark>on ark>iark>n that tark>iark>me, and whark>iark>te boxes mean ark>iark>t wark>iark>ll not.  

an style="font-size: small;">Note that thark>iark>s ark>iark>s done on a channel by channel basark>iark>s.  The park>iark>cture below ark>iark>s changark>iark>ng the schedule for only camera 1.  an>

an style="font-size: small;"><ark>iark>mg style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="377" heark>iark>ght="257" />an>

an style="text-decoration: underline;">an style="font-size: small;">Motark>iark>on Handlark>iark>ngan>an>an style="text-decoration: underline;">an style="font-size: small;"> Settark>iark>ngsan>an>an style="font-size: small;"> an>

an style="font-size: small;">Under "Advanced Settark>iark>ngs" ark>iark>n the "Vark>iark>deo" sectark>iark>on, there ark>iark>s an ark>iark>tem labeled "Motark>iark>on Handlark>iark>ng".an>

an style="font-size: small;">Thark>iark>s settark>iark>ng ark>iark>s what the DVR wark>iark>ll do when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected.  Thark>iark>s settark>iark>ng ark>iark>s also done on a channel by channel basark>iark>s.  The park>iark>cture below ark>iark>s only for CH1.  The settark>iark>ngs confark>iark>gured below wark>iark>ll have the DVR record on CH1 when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected on CH1.  ark>Iark>f ALL the record check boxes were checked, the DVR would be recordark>iark>ng on all 8 channels when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s detected ark>iark>n CH1.  an>

an style="font-size: small;"><ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="386" heark>iark>ght="269" />

an style="text-decoration: underline;">an style="font-size: small;">
an>an style="font-size: small;">Wark>iark>th these settark>iark>ngs confark>iark>gured properly, you ark>canark> have your DVR recordark>iark>ng ark>iark>n specark>iark>fark>iark>c tark>iark>me frames on motark>iark>on detected ark>iark>n specark>iark>fark>iark>c locatark>iark>ons of your vark>iark>deo feed. an>


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