Audio setup on analog DVR systems

In order to enable the audio feature, you need to first check that the cables are set correctly. The audio input from the microphone or camera connects to "audio in 1" (some DVR systems will be labeled AI 1) and the camera is using "video input 1". Then you have your audio out and video out, (the video out is a BNC connection, so you may need a BNC to RCA female adapter). Once you have the video out and audio out cables ready you can connect them to a TV. You will also need to go into the DVR menu and enable audio for channel 1. After you do this, you will be able to hear the audio from your mic or camera when you access your system. 

If you access the system online, you can hear audio without having the sudio output connected to a TV.


**If using a microphone, be sure it is a CCTV microphone with it's own independent power supply.**

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