SAN/SBN Firmware Update Process

This article is intended to update the firmware on the SAN/SBN series DVR's and fix the mobile phone connection issue. This error occurs when using Zviewer, any working mobile app, and attempting to view the cameras using port 7050. You will see a message that states "Max User Error". To fix that issue and to able to use Zviewer, you will need to update the DVR's firmware.

The steps below will show you how to update the firmware for your SAN/SBN series DVR. Please make sure you select the correct firmware. The 4 and 8 channel DVR share the same firmware, and the SBN6 has its own file for the firmware update. (You may also want to write down your network settings to reapply after the firmware has been updated.)

The firmware can be found here:
update_47G1_mini-16_B137_V138_20130604.tar.gz (SBN6)
update_47G1_mini-4-8_B137_V138_20130604.tar.gz (SAN/SBN 4/8)

Procedures for DVR Firmware Upgrade
1. Format a USB disc, then copy the upgrading firmware to the USB;
2. Power off the DVR, then connect the USB disc to the DVR;
3. Power on the DVR, and enter the following interface:
4. In the "Upgrade” option, click , which brings the following pop up

5. Select the appropriate upgrading firmware, based on your DVR model (4CH
& 8CH DVRs use the same upgrading firmware), then click "Start". The
upgrade will start (do not power off during the upgrade process);
6. Once the upgrade is completed, restore the DVR to its factory settings.
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