Running Extended Lengths of Cat5/Cat6 Cable for the ZP-NC14-P POE NVR System

The ZP-NC14-P POE comes included with four 100ft Cat5e cables.  If you prefer to run any of your cameras longer than 100 feet away from the NVR, you can use either Cat5e cable or Cat6 cable.
If you are running any of the cameras less than 200 feet away from the NVR, standard Cat5e cable will work with minimal interference.  
If you are running any of the cameras between 200 - 300 feet away from the NVR, we recommend standard Cat6 cable.  Cat6 cable will successfully power the camera and send video signal from the camera to the NVR at 300 feet.
We generally do not recommend running ethernet cable of any kind more than 300 feet for the ZP-NC14-P POE NVR System.  If the ethernet cable in between the NVR and the IP cameras is too long, the cameras may experience interference and damage due to lack of power.
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2015-03-30 12:20
Alex Crewell
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