USB Drive not recognized by SBN or SAN series DVR.

SBN series DVR not recognizing the USB Drive for File backup
Our DVR’s typically output 4 Volts when using the USB ports on the DVR. In the event that you are backing up a video file and receive an error that states "USB Drive not detected”, you will need to do the following steps in order to save video to that USB drive.
1. Start by backing up the video files as you normally would
a. Search by the date
b. Select the channels to backup
c. Select the start and stop times indicated by 2 vertical pink lines.
2. Move the mouse cursor over the backup option, then unplug the mouse, use either the remote controller or front panel buttons, to select backup.
3. Choose the format that you would like the video files (MP4 or AVI) to save in and select backup using the remote again.
4. Allow the backup to finish before removing the USB drive and plugging the mouse back in.
5. Plug the USB drive into a computer and playback the video files using the MP4 player if its a MP4 file or VLC media player if it´s an AVI file .
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