PTZ settings and cruise with DT-SCN series DVR systems

Cruise between preset points as follows:

Step1: In picture below, the directional control will turn the PTZ camera to the  designated location.


Step 2: Once you have the desitred position, click Cruise buttons, the write proper value into the Cruise Line and Preset Points blank,then click "SET" which will open the PTZ Config menu.

Click in the preset box and give a number to indicate the current position of the camera. Repeat using adifferent number for eace preset position until you have all presets entered.

Step 3: Click on "Tour". Here you can add the preset points to the desired pattern of movment known as a "tour". Once the presets are added, return to the PTZ control and click on "Page switch". You can now click on "tour" and the PTZ camera begins to work on the cruise line. Click Stop button to stop cruise.

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