How to Enable Motion Detection from the H9120 series or SFN Series DVRs

By default, the H9120 series DVRs (SFN Series DVRs) will record all day every day unless you set the DVR to record by motion detection or by a schedule.

If order to enable motion detection recording, please complete the following steps:
1. Go into the Main Menu of the DVR.
2. Using the USB mouse, click on the menu option that says "Record"
3. From the Record Menu, set the Record Mode from "When powered up" to "BY TIMER"
4. A new button will appear called "Schedule." Click on the button called "Schedule" to enter the Record Schedule Menu
5. Click the checkbox that reads, "Alarm." To set all channels to record by motion detection, click on all boxes that represent the hours of the day on Sunday to enable motion recording on Sunday.
6. Click on the button that reads, "Copy" to copy Sunday's settings to all days of the week, which will highlight all boxes in the grid to red. This will enable motion recording on all days of the week.
7. Click "Save" then "Exit"
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