DVR GUI and Software Guide

This guide will show you which particular software you will need to install in order to view the DVR, convert video files, ports to forward, and mobile applications.

H8114, H8118


DVRsoftware folderto upload/downloadisDVRClient_3.5.3 8100-8110

Software Disc and Manual available at:

Videoscanbe playedbackusingthe DVRClientsoftware,thereisno separate player software

Videoscanbe converted byusingLVFtoAVI, whichcanbedownloaded here,

Ports toforwardare 80,7777,8888



H9104, H9108, H9106, H9126

DVR software folder to upload/download is NetviewerNL- v2.1.213.0win7 9100-9200 v1
•Video conversion software is AVIGenerator
•Desktop software to install is Netviewer
•Mobile app – Zviewer, Meye, Asee, Ipcam viewer
•Ports to forward – 80, 9000, 18004
•Software Disc and User Manual:




H9104, H9108, H9116 v3 firmware




•DVR software folder to upload/download is Netviewer Video Client-Player New 9104-8V 91169216 v2

•Software Disc and User Manual available at:

•Video player to use is Video_Player_ENU_Watermark_V1.1.3_2011 0926

•Desktop software is called – Video_CLient_ZMODO_MLANG_ENG_V1.1.3


•Video conversion software is AVI Generator or

•Ports to forward – 80, 9000, 18004

•Mobile apps – Zviewer, Asee, Meye, IP cam viewer


H9124, H9128, SFN6


•DVR software folder to upload/download is Netviewer- Zmodo 9120v1

•Software Disc and User Manual:

•Video player to playback videos – PlaybackSetup

•Desktop software is NetDvr or DVRCMS

•Video conversion is done by using the playback option in aweb browser, NetDVR, or DVRCMS, AVIGenerator will work as well

•Ports to forward – 80, 9000, 15961

•Mobile Apps – Zviewer, Meye, VMeye





•DVR software folder to upload/download is Netviewer Zmodo 9114V-9118V

•Software Disc and User Manual:

•Desktop software is NVMS

•Video Playback player is – MP4 Player in the desktopfolder

•Video conversion can be done through USB back upfrom the DVR or download and convertto.AVI using the web browser

•Ports to forward – 80, 5050, 6050, 7050

•Mobile apps – Zviewer, Meye, KMEye


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