VGA Resolution Lowering for SFN series (9124V-9128V-SFN6)

If you have increased the VGA resolution in your DVR and are no longer able to view its content, it is probably because this resolution was set higher than what your monitor can handle.

In order to lower the resolution blindly in the DVR, please follow these steps:

1. Reboot the DVR.

2.Wait about 45 seconds until it's booted all the way up.

3. Press the following buttons on the front panel:

*Menu button once.

*Down arrow once.

*Enter button once.

*Down button once.

*Right arrow once.

*Enter button once.

***Wait 5 seconds***

*Enter button once

*Up arrow once

*Enter button once

*Down arrow 3 times.

*Enter button once

***Wait 10 seconds***

*Enter button once

4. The DVR should reboot itself. This will lower the resolution to the previous level. If resolution is still higher than what the monitor can handle when the DVR comes back up, repeat process and it will lower it down one more level.

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2013-08-16 01:25
Alex Crewell
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