ark>Howark> to Enable Emaark>iark>l Alert wark>iark>th SnapShot on the SCN4 or SCN8

ark>iark>v>The followark>iark>ng steps descrark>iark>be ark>howark> to enable emaark>iark>l alerts wark>iark>th snapshot for the SCN serark>iark>es DVR.  Thark>iark>s vark>iark>deo descrark>iark>bes these steps as well:ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v><ark>iark>frame src="" frameborder="0" wark>iark>dth="583" heark>iark>ght="480">ark>iark>frame>ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>ark>Iark>n order for the emaark>iark>l alert to functark>iark>on properly wark>iark>th an class="il">snapshotan>, you need to go ark>iark>nto the "<abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="A switch is used to network multiple computers together. Switches made for the consumer market are typically small, flat boxes with 4 to 8 Ethernet ports. These ports can connect to computers, cable or DSL modems, and other switches.">Swark>iark>tchabbr>" tab ark>iark>n the maark>iark>n menu and change the recordark>iark>ng resolutark>iark>on. ark>Iark>f you have the four-channel DVR, select D1 ark>iark>nstead of <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="'960H' is a series of SONY CCD image sensors capable of capturing video images at a resolution of 976hx528v. With the use of Sony's new 960h CCD in conjuction with features from the Effio DSP, resolutions of up to 700 TVL can be achieved.">960Habbr>. ark>Iark>f you have the eark>iark>ght-channel versark>iark>on, select HD1. The DVR wark>iark>ll not send successful emaark>iark>l an class="il">snapshotsan> when set to 960H mode.ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v><ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="762" heark>iark>ght="427" />ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>Then under the DVR "Alarm" menu, enter the motark>iark>on detectark>iark>on settark>iark>ngs ark>iark>nterface and select the desark>iark>red channel number and emaark>iark>l capture functark>iark>on.  ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v>Last, go to the Record tab ark>iark>n the maark>iark>n menu and select an class="il">SnapShotan> an class="il">Confan>.  From here, make sure the correct tark>iark>me perark>iark>od ark>iark>s enabled and your emaark>iark>l alerts should begark>iark>n to ark>iark>nclude an class="il">snapshotsan>.ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v> ark>iark>v><ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="561" heark>iark>ght="426" />ark>iark>v> Tags: email, email alert, image, motion detection, snapshot
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