Settark>iark>ng Motark>iark>on Recordark>iark>ng on the 9000/9100 serark>iark>es DVR's from before 2012

Wark>iark>th the DVR booted up and the cameras dark>iark>splayark>iark>ng on screen rark>iark>ght clark>iark>ck your mouse to brark>iark>ng up the submenu as sark>howark>n below. From thark>iark>s select the "Maark>iark>n Menu" optark>iark>on at the top. ark>Iark>f you are unable to control your mouse and the button functark>iark>ons on the DVR ark>iark>tself are not workark>iark>ng hold the rewark>iark>nd button untark>iark>l you hear a beep to enable them and proceed as dark>iark>rected above. 

<ark>iark>mg tark>iark>tle="sub menu" src="" alt="sub menu" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />


After selectark>iark>ng thark>iark>s the maark>iark>n menu wark>iark>ll be dark>iark>splayed as below. Select the "Devark>iark>ces" optark>iark>on.

<ark>iark>mg title="main" src="" alt="main" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />


After choosark>iark>ng the Devark>iark>ces optark>iark>on you wark>iark>ll see the new menu, agaark>iark>n sark>howark>n below. Select the "Motark>iark>on" optark>iark>on from here.

<ark>iark>mg title="Devices" src="" alt="Devices" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />


From the "Motark>iark>on Detectark>iark>on" page you are now on make sure the status of all channels you wark>iark>sh to record on motark>iark>on detetark>iark>on ark>iark>s set to "ON"(Do NOT turn motark>iark>on on for ANY channels you do not plan to have on motark>iark>on record as ark>iark>t may cause errors ark>iark>n playback on that channel). You may adjust the <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="The sensitivity indicates how much motion needs to occur before the camera indicates that motion is being observed. The lower the number the less sensitive the camera is to detecting motion.">sensark>iark>tark>iark>vark>iark>tyabbr> of the channels on thark>iark>s page as well ark>iark>f you decark>iark>de ark>iark>t ark>iark>s beark>iark>ng trark>iark>ggered too much or too lark>iark>ttle.

After settark>iark>ng the channel status to "ON" make sure to clark>iark>ck "Apply".  Once you receark>iark>ve the confark>iark>rmatark>iark>on message clark>iark>ck "Exark>iark>t" untark>iark>l you are back ark>iark>n the "Maark>iark>n Menu" as sark>howark>n ark>iark>n [Fark>iark>g2].

<ark>iark>mg title="motionmenu" src="" alt="motionmenu" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />


You should now be back at the "Maark>iark>n Menu" screen. From here choose the "Record" optark>iark>on. You wark>iark>ll be presented wark>iark>th the menu sark>howark>n below. <ark>iark>mg tark>iark>tle="recordsetup" src="" alt="recordsetup" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />


When fark>iark>rst enterark>iark>ng thark>iark>s menu the "Rec. Mode" wark>iark>ll be set to "Always". Change thark>iark>s selectark>iark>on to "Tark>iark>me Schedule Record". When you do you wark>iark>ll be gark>iark>ven a "Schedule" button to the rark>iark>ght". Clark>iark>ck the schedule button to brark>iark>ng up the schedule settark>iark>ngs. From here we ark>canark> begark>iark>n to set motark>iark>on recordark>iark>ng on the channels. You ark>canark> see the schedule menu below.

<ark>iark>mg title="schedulemotion" src="" alt="schedulemotion" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />


Agaark>iark>n, when you enter thark>iark>s menu you wark>iark>ll see the schedule set to general for all hours of all days. By default the channel settark>iark>ng at the top should be "ALL" ark>iark>f you only want an ark>iark>ndark>iark>vark>iark>dual channel please adjust ark>iark>t accordark>iark>ngly. Clark>iark>ck the red "Alarm" box ark>iark>n the lower left hand area to select ark>iark>t and then you may begark>iark>n adjustark>iark>ng the hours of the day ark>iark>n the grark>iark>d to reflect when you want ark>iark>t to record on motark>iark>on as opposed to contark>iark>nuously(whark>iark>ch would be the "General" settark>iark>ng). To quark>iark>ckly set all of ark>iark>t to motark>iark>on fark>iark>ll out sunday wark>iark>th the alarm settark>iark>ngs and press the "from Sun. to all" copy button to copy ark>iark>t over to the rest of the week.

Be sure to press the apply button before clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng exark>iark>t or movark>iark>ng to a dark>iark>fferent specark>iark>fark>iark>c channel. Once you have pressed apply and receark>iark>ved a confark>iark>rmatark>iark>on you ark>canark> clark>iark>ck exark>iark>t to return to the prevark>iark>ous menu. Now that we are ark>iark>n the record menu agaark>iark>n(Fark>iark>g5) BE SURE to press apply agaark>iark>n to lock ark>iark>n our adjustment.  Now you may exark>iark>t the menu completely by rark>iark>ght clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng the mouse untark>iark>l your cameras are dark>iark>splayed agaark>iark>n. You have now set your DVR to record on motark>iark>on. You wark>iark>ll see a small red "M" when motark>iark>on ark>iark>s trark>iark>ggered to ark>iark>ndark>iark>cate ark>iark>t has begun recordark>iark>ng. See below to see what thark>iark>s looks lark>iark>ke.<ark>iark>mg src="" alt="" wark>iark>dth="1024" heark>iark>ght="768" />

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