Vark>iark>deo playback on the 9000/9100 serark>iark>es DVR's from before 2012

Wark>iark>th the DVR booted up and the cameras dark>iark>splayark>iark>ng on screen rark>iark>ght clark>iark>ck your mouse to brark>iark>ng up the submenu as sark>howark>n below. From thark>iark>s select the "Vark>iark>deo Search" optark>iark>on at the top. ark>Iark>f you are unable to control your mouse and the button functark>iark>ons on the DVR ark>iark>tself are not workark>iark>ng hold the rewark>iark>nd button untark>iark>l you hear a beep to enable them and proceed as dark>iark>rected above. 

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After selectark>iark>on Vark>iark>deo Search you wark>iark>ll be presented wark>iark>th the search screen as sark>howark>n below. Here from the search menu the fark>iark>rst thark>iark>ng you wark>iark>ll do ark>iark>s set the approprark>iark>ate month you would lark>iark>ke to search. The day ark>iark>s mostly unark>iark>mportant as ark>iark>t wark>iark>ll search the entark>iark>re selected month for you. after settark>iark>ng the date ark>howark>ever the most ark>iark>mportant thark>iark>ng you do before anythark>iark>ng else ark>iark>s clark>iark>ck SEARCH.

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ark>Iark>f you see the message below you dark>iark>d not clark>iark>ck search prark>iark>or to selectark>iark>ng the date you would lark>iark>ke to vark>iark>ew. Please clark>iark>ck search.

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After clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng "search" you wark>iark>ll see ark>iark>t hark>iark>ghlark>iark>ght any day on the calendar that has recordark>iark>ngs on ark>iark>t. Days wark>iark>ll be eark>iark>ther hark>iark>ghlark>iark>ghted ark>iark>n green or red, or both, ark>iark>ndark>iark>catark>iark>ng what type of recordark>iark>ng ark>iark>s on that day(Green for standard and red for motark>iark>on/alarm based recordark>iark>ng). From thark>iark>s poark>iark>nt sark>iark>mply clark>iark>ck on the day of the month you desark>iark>re to watch.

You wark>iark>ll see ark>iark>t fark>iark>ll ark>iark>n the hours of the day below the calendar wark>iark>th color coded recordark>iark>ngs just as you dark>iark>d on the calendar. Select the hour of the day you wark>iark>sh to vark>iark>ew by clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on ark>iark>t. ark>Iark>f you attempt to choose an hour of the day before selectark>iark>ng a day of the month you wark>iark>ll agaark>iark>n see [Fark>iark>g3].

After clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on your hour of the day you wark>iark>ll be taken dark>iark>rectly ark>iark>n to that hours recordark>iark>ngs as sark>howark>n below.

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From here you wark>iark>ll be gark>iark>ven control over the vark>iark>deo footage wark>iark>th the abark>iark>lark>iark>ty to fast forward, or rewark>iark>nd. After you are done vark>iark>ewark>iark>ng you may clark>iark>ck the "X" to return to the prevark>iark>ous screen. Repeat the entark>iark>re process for any vark>iark>deo you wark>iark>sh to see.

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