I have a H9000 or H9100 series DVR, and I need to convert a H.264 video file to AVI.

You will need to use the DVR manufacturer's software in order to convert any H.264 files to AVI. You need to convert any video files to AVI, otherwise you will not be able to play back the video files using any standard media software.
**Please open the attachment referenced in this article to begin downloading the H.264 files to AVI conversion tool.
The conversion tool is not exactly user friendly, but all of the button functionality works.
The upper right button labeled "open" is the browse function where you search and select the .264 file to be converter to AVI.
The middle right button labeled "Save As" is the "Save To" function where you name the AVI file and chose the destination to save the file to.
The bottom left button labeled "Start" is the button that will begin the conversion process after you've filled in the ".264" and "Convert to Avi" fields.

After the file has been converted to AVI, you will be able to play back the file using either Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. We recommend using the VLC Media Player to playback files.
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