My Z2212GY PTZ Camera will not accurately cruise.

Steps for Centering the Z2212GY Camera, in Order to Operate the Stop Point Cruise

1. After setting the dip switches on the camera to your desired setting, please make sure the inner housing is completely seated inside the outer housing. Here is the inner housing mounting bracket taken out of the outer housing.


The following is an image of the same camera with the dome and the motherboards removed, after it has been seated inside of the camera’s outer housing. Even with the dome removed; this camera did not perform the cruise points successfully when the camera was not centered correctly. The Dome is not the piece that causes the interruption which hinders the cruise function.



2. Once the inner housing appears to be completely seated and centered inside of the outerhousing, mount the outer housing cover just enough to hold the cover on.


3. Now spin the dome. If there is resistance or a rubbing noise, take note of which side of the camera is causing the resistance. Remove the outer housing cover and slightly adjust the inner housing away from the areathat the rubbing occurred.


4. Please repeat step three until you can spin the inner housing and feel no resistance at all. When you feel no resistance, you are ready to install the camera.


*When the camera housing is properly centered, there will be a high pitched "whirring” noise that is produced by the motor when the camera is manually spun. You will also observe the face that the camera’s inner housing is able to spin freely for a moment before its momentum stops.

The following picture is an image of where the top cover rubs against the inner housing of the camera. When off-centered, the black plastic section that the camera’s motherboard mounts onto slides against the inner metal part of the round ring which threads onto the bottom of the camera.

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