Windows 8.1 With Internet Explorer 11 Keeps Crashing When I Login

With the release of Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer was upgraded to version 11.  This new version has caused some compatibility issues with some Zmodo Add-ons.  

Many of our will require using "Compatibility View" to work.  Use the following instructions to enable compatibility view.  


1.  Click the icon that looks like a cog or gear in the top right.  

Settings Gear


2.  Click "Compatibility View Settings"


3.  Type in the IP of your DVR and click "Add"


4.  Click "Close" and then navigate to the IP of the DVR.  You should have no more problems.

Tags: 9124, 9128, NV-SBN4, SFN6, ZP-NC14-P
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2013-11-15 13:28
Bryant Irwin
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