CM-ark>Iark>11123BK / CM-ark>Iark>12316GY - Recordark>iark>ng Wark>iark>th ark>iark>SPY

One of the best park>iark>eces of software to record the vark>iark>deo footage from the CM-ark>Iark>11123BK and CM-ark>Iark>1231GY ark>iark>s ark>iark>SPY.  ark>Iark>t ark>iark>s opensource software that ark>iark>s avaark>iark>lable for download at <a href="" target="_blank">www.ark>iark>spyconnect.coma>

ONLY the CM-ark>Iark>11123BK and the CM-ark>Iark>12316GY wark>iark>ll work wark>iark>th ark>iark>SPY.  Zmodo does not offark>iark>cark>iark>ally support the recordark>iark>ng or setup of ark>iark>SPY other than thark>iark>s artark>iark>cle.

    ark>iark>>Your camera should already be connected to the <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Two or more computers connected to each other to enable the sharing of files and information between multiple systems. The Internet could be described as a global network of networks.">networkabbr> and setup on <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Short for "Wireless Fidelity." Wi-Fi refers to wireless networking technology that allows computers and other devices to communicate over a wireless signal. Wi-Fi is the standard way computers connect to wireless networks. ">Wark>iark>Fark>iark>abbr>.  ark>Iark>f you haven't done thark>iark>s already, please follow thark>iark>s guark>iark>de:  <a href="/index.php?action=artikel&cat=18&id=288&artlang=en">HERE

    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Open ark>iark>SPY and Clark>iark>ck "Add" and choose "<abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title="Stands for "Internet Protocol." It provides a standard set of rules for sending and receiving data through the Internet.">ark>Iark>Pabbr> Camera wark>iark>th Wark>iark>zard"

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    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Select "Zmodo" from the Manufacturer lark>iark>st, select the Model of "CM-ark>Iark>11123BK", and clark>iark>ck "Next"

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    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Type ark>iark>n the username and password for your <abbr rel="tooltip" data-orark>iark>gark>iark>nal-title=" A camera that does not require a video connection to a DVR. The camera receives its signal using wireless tehcnology. IP cameras do require a power supply in order to function.">ark>Iark>P Cameraabbr>.  Leave the Channel at 0.

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    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Type ark>iark>n the ark>Iark>P Address and port number for your camera.  Default HTTP port for the camera ark>iark>s 99.  

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    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Allow ark>iark>SPY to check whark>iark>ch of the URLS are valark>iark>d.  The top URL should be the best one to use.  Clark>iark>ck "Next" after ark>iark>t has been selected.  

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    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>Now the camera should be connected and confark>iark>gured to record on motark>iark>on by default.  ark>Iark>f you wark>iark>sh to change any more advanced settark>iark>ngs, you ark>canark> do thark>iark>s now.  ark>Iark>f recordark>iark>ng on motark>iark>on ark>iark>s fark>iark>ne for you, just hark>iark>t fark>iark>nark>iark>sh.  

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    ark>iark>> ark>iark>>ark>iark>SPY must be runnark>iark>ng ark>iark>n order for recordark>iark>ngs to be saved.  ark>Iark>f ark>iark>t ark>iark>s not runnark>iark>ng, your camera wark>iark>ll not record.ark>iark>>
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