Backup Video to DVD on ZMD-DH-SEN6

Backup Video to DVD on ZMD-DH-SEN6
Please follow these directions in order to backup video from the ZMD-DH-SEN6 to a blank DVD.
  Note: The type of DVD you may use will depend upon the burner installed.
  1. Insert your blank DVD in to the Sen6. From the DVR right-click on the mouse and select "Main Menu"
  2. In the Main Menu, select "System"
  3. In the System menu, select "Backup"
  4. Select "Backup" again.
  5. Choose which channel you want, the start and end time of the time frame you need, and then click "Add"
  6. Make sure the amount you are burning is over 100MB or the DVD will not burn.
  7. Wait until the Remaining Time is at 0:00 and then wait at least another minute.
  8. Reboot the DVR by unplugging it from power.
  9. Once the DVR reboots, remove the disc from the DVD drive and take it to your computer.
  10. Download and install the program ImgBurn from
  11. Open ImgBurn and then insert your disc into the computer.
  12. Choose "Write Image File to Disc"
  13. Select Tools-->Drive-->Close--->Track and wait 30 seconds. The program may report as Not Responding, but just wait the 30 seconds and it should come back.
  14. After the program comes back select Tools-->Drive-->Close-->Session and wait 30 seconds. Same as before, the program may report as Not Responding, but just give it some time.
  15. After the session is closed, the disc should be readable by any computer.
**This is currently just a work-around until a firmware update is made for the SEN6. Currently the DVR doesn't close the disc properly which is why the additional steps are needed.**
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