NVR IP Cameras Can’t Find Wireless Network

When you are to connect your camera to your Wi-Fi, it will show you the list of Wireless networks available around the perimeter. If you do not see your Wireless network on the list after hitting Refresh a couple times, here is how you can approach it:


The first thing you will want to do in order to resolve this issue is connect your computer and camera to the router via Ethernet cable, as we will make some changes in the Wireless security of your router.


Make sure the small black antena connected properly on the back of the IP Camera.


In your Windows Computer, launch the command prompt window: click on the start button on the bottom left of your computer screen. On the search bar down the button, type 'Run' and hit the enter key. Once the run window is up, type 'cmd' and hit the enter key.


A black window will pop up. Type 'ipconfig' and hit enter. This will give you the subnet values of your network. Take note of the "Default gateway” numbers.



Proceed to access your router's interface by typing the "Default gateway” IP Address in the search bar of your Internet browser.


Find the Wireless Security options in your router. We will proceed and change the SSID (Service Set Identifier), which represents your Wireless network’s name.*


Make sure the new name will have no spaces in between the letters, as this can be a problem when connecting the camera to the Wi-Fi (e.g instead of naming it "my network”, make sure you name it "my_network”).


Apply the changes and proceed to reboot your router/modem.


Once you Internet is back up, proceed to reboot the camera. Go back to the Wi-Fi settings of it, and the new network name you assigned to your device will populate on the list of Wireless networks!



*Please be aware that changing the name of your network might affect the Wireless connectivity of the rest of your devices in your home network. You will most likely have to reconnect them under the new SSID.



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