Alarm settings on dvr



Alarm Settings on dvrs

The first thing you need to know is there are 2 basic types of alarms that will work on our dvrs.The first is normally open which means that it is like a light switch that is turned off which means the two wires are not connected and when you flip the switch to turn it on or connect the wires the alarm will beep.The other type is normally closed. So if you are using a light switch as an example the light switch is turned on all the time or the two wires are connected all the time and when the switch is turned off or the two wires get disconnected the alarm will go off. So you will need to know which type you are working with.

Second you need to identify if the device you are connecting is going to be an alarm input or alarm output. Once you have identified which one the device you are connecting is then you will be able to connect it to the dvr.Not all dvrs will accept alarms, but on the ones that do there is a different location for inputs and outputs.The inputs are connected to the input side of the dvr and linked to a single camera.One wire is connected to the channel number terminal and the other wire is connected to the g or ground terminal.The output alarms are basically a powered speaker that has two wires to receive the signal.These two wires are connected to the output terminals on the back of the dvr. There is only one output set of terminals on the dvr so there is no mistaking the location where these two wires go.

Third you will need to go to the alarms settings on the dvr.If the alarm you connected is an input alarm you will need to set the alarm input to normally open or closed for the channel you connected the alarm to depending on which type of alarm it is.If you have an output alarm you would need to go to the output alarm setting and enable it for normally open or closed also depending on the type of alarm.

Last you need to test to verify the alarm is doing its job, so if the alarm is an input alarm and linked to camera 1 then you would identify that when motion happens that camera 1 would start recording.If it is an alarm output then when motion happens on any channel then the siren alarm will beep or make a sound.

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