Mouse, Remote, Front Panel Buttons do not work on 9000 series DVR

You need to change the video output mode, this is an easy settings adjustment.


1. Press and hold the Rewind button on the front of the DVR for 10 seconds, you should hear a beep.

---- If it doesn’t beep, press and release the buttons on the front panel of the DVR in this order: Rewind, Up, Right.

2. Once the DVR beeps, you should have menu access again.

3. Go to the Main Menu

a. Go to System

b. Go to A/V Setup

4. Where it says Output Device, Video Output, or Init Device change it from AUTO or VOUT to VGA.

5. Hit Apply at the bottom of the page.

6. Exit out of all of the menus and restart the DVR to verify the issue does not occur. You should no longer experience this issue.

Otherwise try this article here:

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